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Best Budget Cat Litter


best budget cat litterThere are a lot of factors that come into consideration when shopping for cat litter.  One of the most significant of these being the price.  Finding the best budget cat litter can be quite tricky.  This can be even more-so for multi-cat households, where a box or bag of cat litter may be used up much quicker.

There is a huge range of prices for cat litters, with some being in the tens of cents per pound while others easily reaching 2 or 3 dollars or more per pound!  While there are certain benefits and materials that come along with higher prices, that isn’t to say that there are not plenty of great-functioning cat litters that can be had on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Common Characteristics of Budget Cat Litters

A majority of the budget options are going to be clay-based.  In addition, most of your non-clumping choices are going to fall into the budget category.  Clay litters (even non-clumping) without all of the special bells and whistles can still be fantastic performers and can even handle busy multi-cat boxes.   Minor issues such as clay smell, dust issues, and tracking might be noticed but for the price, many of these can be overlooked.

You won’t find a lot of crystal-based or eco-friendly cat litters in the budget tier.  Eco-friendly examples would include those made of wood, corn, plants, or other natural materials.  The reason for this is simply that they cost more to process and produce and it is hard for them to price themselves into the most affordable price tier.  There are still deals to be had for those types of litters, though, so it is important to always shop around.

Below are a few of our top picks for those looking for budget options.  “Budget” can be a bit subjective but we feel that all of these have strong selling prices when considering the performance they give.  For your convenience, we have provided direct links to all 4 on Amazon so you can check them out there, or jump below that and read our more elaborate custom reviews on each product!

Best Budget Cat Litters

 Our RatingPrice Per Pound (Amazon)MaterialOur Full Review
Precious Cat Ultra
Precious Cat Ultra thumbnail
4.5 cat thumbnail$ClayLink
Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fresh Scent
Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fresh Scent thumbnail
4 cat thumbnail$Clay and baking sodaLink
Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented
ever clean extra strength unscented thumbnail
4 cat thumbnail$Clay and natural mineralsLink
Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping
Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping thumbnail
4 cat thumbnail$ClayLink

Precious Cat Ultra

precious cat ultraOur Rating: 4.5 star

A combination of great clumping and superb odor control make this a great buy.  An added bonus is that it is very affordable.  It is available in 18, 40, and 80 pound bags and 40 pound boxes, is comprised of clay, and is available in the budget price tier.

Pros:  Some of the best clumping out there, handles both feces and urine odors for several days, mostly dust-free, fantastic price

Cons:  Can be overwhelmed by moisture, caking can be an issue

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Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fresh Scent

arm & hammer super scoop fresh scent

Our Rating4 star

A very affordable price with the only minor complaint being the litter scent.  It should be able to handle even a busy litter box with no problems and its clumping truly does stand out.  It is available in 14, 20, and 28 pound boxes, is comprised of clay and baking soda crystal, and is available in the budget-price tier.

Pros:  Affordable, stellar clumping, decent odor control

Cons:  Intense artificial fragrance

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Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented

ever clean extra strength unscentedOur Rating4 star

This product is a breeze to clean up and it has great clumping and above average odor fighting abilities to back it up.  Add in that it is very affordable and you have a definite buy from us.  It is available in 14 and 25 pound boxes and 42 pound bags, is comprised of clay, and is available in the budget-price category.

Pros:  Very effective at clumping, locks in almost all cat odors, great price

Cons:  Sticky dust

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Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping

nature's miracle intense defense clumpingOur Rating: 4 star

Great clumping and acceptable odor control shine here, but the brightest feature is its amazing price.  Yeah, the scent is a bit off-putting to some but for the value is definitely there.  It is available in 20 and 28 pound boxes, 40 pound bags, and 14 pound jugs, is comprised of clay, and is available in the budget-price category.

Pros:  Effective clumping ability, long-lasting odor control, easy clump cleanup, great price

Cons:  Some issues with sticking to litter box wall, a little dusty

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