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Cedarific Cat Litter Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on May 14, 2020

If it isn’t obvious from the name alone, Cedarific focuses on cat litter that is comprised of cedarwood.  Cedarific has been around for a while (since 1989) so the fact that they are still here today producing wood-based cat litters shows you that they are doing something right.

Their selection of products is small: just two.  Their original product, Cedarific Soft Cat Litter, is a non-clumping product.  And more recently, they rolled out a new clumping litter called Easy Earth.  Easy Earth also utilizes eco-friendly reclaimed wood and cedar chips but is made up of a formula that is supposedly better at clumping.

We were unable to source the Easy Earth Cat Litter for testing.  We aren’t sure if it is just being rolled out and the supply is limited or if Cedarific is purposely holding back distribution of it.  Either way, we will be focusing on the traditional Cedairific Soft Cat Litter for this review.  In the future, we may update this article if we can get our hands on some of the Easy Earth Cat Litter.

So let’s begin!

Clumping Ability – N/A

As we mentioned above, Cedarific Soft Cat Litter isn’t designed to clump.  Cedarific Easy Earth Cat Litter is the brand’s attempt at producing a clumping cat litter.  And while we haven’t had a chance to personally try out yet, we did do some research online for people who have.

We are seeing the same complaints that we have seen with other wood-based clumping cat litters. Simply put, wood shreds don’t typically clump as well as traditional clay litters.  Specifically, urine and other fluids that are present in cat waste tend to break down the wood into a sort of goop.  This goop can be very messy and does not hold up to strong clumping as many clay litters do.  So if you have a multi-cat litter box or don’t plan on cleaning the cat waste multiple times per day, the results could be a bit messy.  However, we will save our final judgment on the Cedarific Easy Earth Cat Litter until we test it.

Scent – 

Since you are dealing with wood shreddings, there is a subtle but pleasant wood scent with this litter.  Cedarific has decided to forego the use of strong perfumes (which we appreciate).  Quite frankly, this type of litter doesn’t need it.

The litter does a pretty good job of masking cat waste odors.  Since it doesn’t clump, it can’t take advantage of “locking in” odor in a protective shell-like clumping litters can.  Rather, it is designed to absorb and smother the fluids that emit the odor.

We found that it is very efficient at covering up ammonia scents from your cat’s urine.  The only caveat to this is if you allow the litter box to become too full of urine.  If this happens, it falls apart pretty quick and the smell can leak out.  However, with proper litter box maintenance, this shouldn’t be an issue.

For cat feces, it also can smother a vast majority of the scent. But we would recommend removing the feces more quickly as it doesn’t seem to be able to lock in those odors for as long as it can ammonia.

Messiness – 

cedarific cat litter wood chips

Despite the wood chips/shreds being on the light side, they didn’t track as badly as we suspected they would.  You may have a few strays that fall out, but we have experienced clay and silica gel cat litters that were much worse.  However, if you have a cat that tends to be aggressive with their digging and kicking or that has long hair, you will likely see some tracking.

Another cool feature about the texture of these wood chips is that it makes it very easy for your cat to dig and move around in.  Our test cat seemed to enjoy digging around in the compound to find that perfect spot to do her business.  We wouldn’t be surprised if the texture of the wood also feels good on their paws.

As we mentioned above, this is a very easy litter to work with as long as you are timely with your litter box maintenance.  If you slack for a few days, the urine can get out of hand.  It can result in a wet, cakey mess that neither you nor your car will want to deal with.  Since this isn’t a clumping litter, you will have to stick to your cat litter box cleaning regimen more closely.

This is also a more lightweight litter than your traditional clay and crystal cat litters.  This means that it is easier to add and remove litter. We all know how challenging handling a large 40-pound bag of cat litter can be!

cedarific cat litter lightweight

A bag of Cedarific Cat Litter seemed to last about 2 to 3 weeks for us.  This will vary on how many cats you have, how often you clean your litter box, and what size bag you go with.  It seems that the most popular size available these days is their 15-pound bag.  However, we have received reports that they also sell bags in a 50-liter size (which is a volume).  This equates to around 25 pounds.

Value – 

The prices for Cedarific Cat Litter can be all over the board.  We find it to be one of the best wood-based cat litters on the market right now.  However, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to find in certain stores.  Even buying online has proven to be hit or miss.

At the current asking prices that we are buying it for, it is definitely on the more expensive side.  If you are on a tight pet supply budget, it may simply not be worth the extra cost despite its positives.  But if you are someone that values the benefits of an all-natural cat litter and also enjoys wood-based ones, the premium asking price may be justifiable.  We recommend that you do what we do: wait for a sale and then buy several bags of it!

Overall Rating – 

Cedarific Natural Cedar Chips Cat Litter

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Many people have likely not heard of Cedarific Cat Litter, which is quite a shame.  When it comes to non-clumping, eco-friendly litters, it is among the best performing out there right now.  We find the subtle wood scent to be quite nice.  Not having to deal with powerful perfume scents is a welcome change!  And with proper litter box maintenance, it does a good job of keeping odors at bay.  There is some minor tracking but not anything that we haven’t seen before from this type of litter.

Our only issues come with the somewhat high asking price and the difficulty in finding this litter.  For a non-clumping cat litter, it is towards the top of the price spectrum at the prices we are paying for it right now.  But we have seen the prices fluctuate quite a bit.  And if you manage to snag this product while on sale, it turns from a good buy to a great buy.

Either way, if you are curious about trying out one of the better wood-based non-clumping cat litters available today, give this product a try. tests and analyzes every major cat litter brand and various cat litter accessories to determine what the best product is that meets your needs.  When readers choose to buy our independently reviewed choices, we may earn affiliate commissions that help to support our writers and site maintenenance.