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Corner Litter Box – What is the Best Corner Litter Box?

Updated by Brandon F. on May 14, 2020

Cat litter boxes are essential for every cat owner but can easily take up a lot of space.  That is where corner litter boxes come into play.  They can allow for a proper litter box but present it in a way that is much easier to find a spot for in your house or apartment, while still being large and roomy enough for your cat to do its business.

Corner litter boxes have increased in popularity recently, with many cat owners opting for the space-saving design over a traditional square-shaped example.  So what is the best corner litter box?  We go over a few features to look for and also list our top choices for a corner litter box.  However, before we do that we have listed our favorite choices in the table below.

Best Corner Litter Box

 NameSizePrice (Amazon)Selling Point
Nature’s Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box thumbnailNature’s Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box26"L x 23"W x 21"H$$$$$Comes with hood
Nature’s Miracle Advances High Sides Corner Litter Box thumbnailNature’s Miracle Advances High Sides Corner Litter Box26"L x 23"W x 11"H$$$Tallest walls
SmartCat Corner Litter Box thumbnailSmartCat Corner Litter Box18"L x 18"W x 9"H$$$$Most portable
Van Ness Corner High Sides Cat Litter Pan thumbnailVan Ness Corner High Sides Cat Litter Pan18"L x 18"W x 9"H$Most affordable

What is a Corner Litter Box?

A corner litter box is pretty straightforward: it is a litter box designed to be put in a corner!  More specifically, it comes in a shape that typically only has 3 corners instead of 4, with the back angle being a 90-degree angle.

This allows you to push the litter box up against a corner vs having to rest it against a flat wall.  The cat litter door will be on the largest face, typically pointing directly out from the corner, which maximizes access to your cats.  Beyond that, it behaves like a typical litter box.

corner litter box shape

What to Look for in a Corner Litter Box

For those that are not familiar with corner litter boxes, there are a few important features that you should keep in mind when shopping around.  The specifics may vary some depending on you and your cat’s needs but we feel these items are typically important to consider with your next corner litter box purchase.

Adequate Size

cat litter corner box entry

In going with a corner litter box, you might be giving up some valuable volume in the space-saving design.  Because of this, you must make sure that it is still large enough for your cat to comfortably fit in.

This is even more necessary if you have a larger cat or if you have multiple cats that might try to access the cat litter box at the same time.  If the enclosure isn’t large enough it might cause your cat to look for other places to do its business, which is never a good thing!

Large Enough Entry

Beyond the internal size of the corner litter box, it is also important to make sure that the entry opening is large enough to allow for easy access and exit.

Many of the corner litter boxes have small faces, which means that there is less room for the door than a traditional cat litter box.  Similar to the size mentioned above, too small of entry could make your cat not want to use its litter box properly.

Properly Shaped Cat Litter Box Accessories

With the specialized shape of a corner litter box, it may cause your standard litter box accessories to struggle or potentially not even work.  It is important to make sure that your cat litter scoop, cat litter mat, cat litter liner, and whatever other items you typically use will still work with the corner litter box.

For instance, some wide scoops may have trouble getting into the tighter corners of this litter box which can cause a huge headache when trying to remove clumps.  Also, a traditional square cat litter mat will not fit snugly underneath the box and can not only be unsightly but also potentially not adequately cover the floor below the cat litter box.  Speaking of cat litter mats, if you are in the market for one we encourage you to head over to our reviews of the best cat litter mats.

Proper Construction

It is important to make sure that any corner litter box you purchase is properly constructed.  This is the same for any litter box in particular, but due to the unique shape of a corner litter box, keeping an eye out for quality construction and high-grade materials is even more important.  This will help to maximize the performance and enjoyment of the litter box for both you and your cat.

Pros of a Corner Litter Box

There are a few general benefits that typically exist for corner litter boxes, and is what has made them gain popularity over the past few years.

Can save a significant amount of floor space

not corner litter box

This one is sort of obvious.  The primary benefit of these items is the fact that you can stick them in a corner, which can save a lot of floor space.

Easier to Conceal

A typical house or apartment will often have a couch or plant that is covering up many of the corners.  Behind the item and closer to the wall, there is almost always to free space.  These areas are perfect for you to stick your corner litter box, which conceals it from being seen.

More Lightweight

A combination of the smaller design, as well as a reduction in necessary materials, means that corner litter boxes are typically very lightweight.  This can assist in both moving and general maintenance of them.  We all know how heavy a full litter box can be so this is a welcome change.

Cons of a Corner Litter Box

There are also a few negatives or concerns about a corner litter box.  We recommend you to consider these before making your next purchase.

Limited Internal Volume

As discussed above, most corner litter boxes are smaller in size.  This can mean that your larger cats or multi-cat households might have some issues with being able to comfortably fit inside the litter box.

Smaller Entry

Also as mentioned above, a combination of smaller walls and smaller overall size means that the entry doors might be a bit smaller than a traditional litter box.  Your larger cat species might be turned off by this.

More Difficulty Cleaning

Traditional Cat Litter Scoops might struggle to get into the corners of a corner litter box so be sure to find a product that is designed for them.

Traditional Cat Litter Scoops might struggle to get into the corners of a corner litter box so be sure to find a product that is designed for them.

The unique shape and tight corners can make it difficult to use a wider scoop.  While there are smaller scoops and even scoops specially designed for tight spaces like those found in corner litter boxes, this might be an extra necessary purchase which means more money out of your pocket.  By the way, if you are in the market for a new cat litter scoop, check out our list of the best cat litter scoops out right now.

Greater Difficulty Displacing Cat Litter Odors

The enclosed design can also cause cat odors to linger more.  This can be an annoyance to both you and your cats, so we recommend using a cat litter that has better than average odor absorption with this type of product.

Can Be Expensive

You will also probably see that many of the corner litter boxes on the market are more expensive than a traditional box-shaped litter box.  While even a high-end product isn’t going to break the bank, for those on a tight pet budget or need multiple litter boxes the extra expense might be more than you are comfortable with.

The Best Corner Litter Boxes

Now that we have explained what a corner litter box is, what to look for in a corner litter box, and the pros and cons, we will not give a few of our top choices for the best corner litter box.  All of these items should perform well and their benefits will outweigh their shortcomings.

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box

Nature’s Miracle Hooded Corner Litter Box for Cats, 1 Count, Space-Saving Design with Charcoal Filter, Extra-Large Size for Multi-Cat Households

Buy on Amazon $50.44 and save 

This is one of the best-selling corner litter boxes on the market and for good reason.  The plastic that is used is made with cutting edge plastic technology and helps to inhibit the smells associated with cat waste.  Also, it also fights to prevent bacteria growth.  The non-stick surface reduces the likelihood of cat litter clumping to the walls as well.  There is also a hood that not only gives your cat more privacy but also has a built-in charcoal filter that further helps to fight cat odors.

Nature’s Miracle Advanced High Sides Corner Litter Box

Nature's Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner Litter Box

Buy on Amazon Price not available and save 

This product is made of the same plastic technology as the above box but comes without the hood.  This means that it is even more compact and space-saving and also comes in at a more affordable price.  This is good for lower-traffic cat households that don’t need the extra benefit of the charcoal filter and also for larger cats who might struggle to squeeze in a hooded enclosure.

SmartCat Corner Litter Box

SmartCat Corner Litter Box, Gray

Buy on Amazon Price not available and save 

This is another simple design which is comprised of a single-piece plastic shell.  The sides are designed to be extra high which minimizes the likelihood of cat litter being kicked out.  There is also a helpful litter line molded into the inside of the box which makes it easier to figure out the correct level of litter to pour.  For being a corner litter box design, the size is quite large and the entry is also pretty wide which makes this great for larger cats or cats who prefer a wider opening.

Van Ness Corner High Sides Cat Litter Pan

Van Ness Corner High Sides Cat Litter Pan, Large, Blue

Buy on Amazon $11.79 and save 6%

This is by far the most simple corner litter box discussed, and because of this is it is also the most affordable.  It comes with extra high sides which can help reduce litter tracking.  However, it is on the small side and the entryway is a bit high which might be a turn-off for some cats.  But if you are willing to overlook these issues it comes in at a great price. tests and analyzes every major cat litter brand and various cat litter accessories to determine what the best product is that meets your needs.  When readers choose to buy our independently reviewed choices, we may earn affiliate commissions that help to support our writers and site maintenenance.