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ökocat Dust Free Natural Paper Pellet Cat Litter, Non-clumping, Medium (Package may vary)

Clumping Ability
Overall Rating

Healthy Pet ökocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter Review

5.1, 8.2, and 12.3 pound boxes

Paper composition

Mid to premium-price


Handles liquids very well

Essentially scentless litter smell

Does good job of capturing odors short-term


Can struggle clumping solids

Light weight means it can be tracked easily

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Healthy Pet ökocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on May 20, 2020

Advertised Product Description

This is our Healthy Pet ökocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter Review.  Healthy Pet ökocat Natural Paper Dust Free cat litter is a lightweight litter made of paper that is firm on the outside but soft on the inside.  It is advertised as being dust-free so it is good for cats with respiratory issues or allergies.  It also won’t track through the house like many clay litters.  Also, it will adequately capture odors and absorb up to 200% of its weight.  This product uses no harsh chemicals or fragrances and is biodegradable.  Available 5.1, 8.2, and 12.3-pound boxes.

Who This Cat Litter is Intended For

This cat litter is designed for those who are wanting to go a more eco-friendly route with their cat litter by going with a paper-based product.  The target user will typically have a single-cat litter box or a multi-cat that isn’t very high traffic.  Also, those that have issues with dust due to allergies or dust sensitivity will greatly benefit from this product due to its advertised dust-free attributes.  Finally, this is for people who are willing to pay a bit extra for a product that works for them, as it can be a little on the expensive side.

What Makes This Cat Litter Unique

This product is unique because it is made entirely out of paper.  If that wasn’t enough, it still tries to have conventional litter features commonly found in more common materials such as clumping ability and convenience of its disposal.  Also, they stay away from using harsh chemicals or perfumes, which could be tempting to help improve odor control performance.

Clumping Ability – 2.5 star

Clumping is only decent with this litter, and most people recommend just dumping the box when it starts to smell instead.  That being said, it handles liquids much better than solids.  The paper degrades into a sandy-like concoction when it is exposed to liquid.  They aren’t really “clumps”, but it does take care of the moisture.  Solids will form a semi-hard mass but it falls apart easily and can be a bit difficult to work with when using many types of scoops.  If you try using this in a multi-cat litter box, expect for the clumps to fall apart rather quickly.

Scent – 3 star

The litter itself is essentially scentless other than a subtle paper smell.  It does a good job of capturing the smells of both feces and urine and keeping it locked in very up to a week.  This is especially true with a single cat but if you have multiple cats using it then you might not get this much life out of it.

And since this isn’t scoopable then you use it until you can’t handle the smell and then dump and start again.  We are impressed that they were able to achieve adequate odor performance without including harsh perfumes but we sort of wish that they would have experimented with added a subtle scent to improve odor control.

Messiness – 3 star

The pellets can sometimes become stuck in the cat’s paws and they will track them outside of the box.  However, there is essentially no stinky dust so that’s a big plus.  The messiness of cleanup will depend on how you approach litter box maintenance.  If you actively try to remove the feces and the broken-down areas that contain urine things might get a bit messy but if you simply wait until the box is spent and dump all the contents then it isn’t too bad.

Value – 2.5 star

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Typically this product will cost in the mid to premium-priced categories.  For specialty litter materials such as paper, this isn’t too bad and is to be expected.

Overall Rating – 2.5 star

The Healthy Pet ökocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter Review earns 2.5 out of 5 cats.  Like many of the other eco-friendly litter options on the market by going with abnormal materials it sometimes comes at the cost of performance.  The clumping is a bit hit or miss and the hard masses are very sensitive to falling apart, but the liquid control is much better.

While this product doesn’t do anything inherently bad, there are lots of small issues that add up and take away from it being a favorite recommended choice.  However, for someone who wants to experiment with a paper litter then this one is worth trying out. tests and analyzes every major cat litter brand and various cat litter accessories to determine what the best product is that meets your needs.  When readers choose to buy our independently reviewed choices, we may earn affiliate commissions that help to support our writers and site maintenenance.