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All Perfect Litter Cat Litter Reviews

Last Updated by Brandon F. on May 29, 2020

This is a listing of all Perfect Litter cat litters that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Perfect Litter cat litters with our internal ranking system.  It is easy to encompass all of Perfect Litter’s cat litters because there is just the one!  It is a rather unique product in that it uses some pretty special materials such as vermiculite and perlite to create an extremely lightweight litter that not only is advertised as being good at clumping and odor control but also can detect early warnings of FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) by literally changing the color of the litter.  This comes at a price, however.  It is a rather expensive product.  If you are wanting a litter than not only functions as a litter but also can help detect early health issues then definitely consider giving this one a try.

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Unique in that it Helps Discover Health Issues

As mentioned above, while Perfect Litter’s collection of products is quite small, what it does offer is certainly unique.  The most unique feature is that it is designed to monitor your cat’s urinary tract problems and it can help to detect issues early on before they can become more serious.  This is accomplished by the litter turning pink if your cat’s urine is too high in pH.  High pH can oftentimes be an early warning sign of urinary tract infection or a host of other issues.  This is a cool feature that makes this product stand out from basically all over the other litters available on the market.

While this might not be a huge concern for many healthy cats, it can be a nice target product for cats that have a history of health issues as well as aging cats who might be more prone to UTIs and associated health concerns.  Of course, this litter isn’t intended to tell you what exactly is wrong with your cat if it does change colors.  Leave that up to the professionals.

Uses Very Specialized Materials

We are typically used to seeing cat litters that are made of standard materials such as clay, wood, and even crystal have become a lot more common.  Perfect Litter stands out in this regard in that it uses very exotic and unique materials such as guar gum in its litter recipe.  Going beyond this, it also has materials that are so specialized that they won’t even display what they are!  We always like seeing companies think outside of the box in the hopes of finding a better-performing cat litter and it is evident that Perfect Litter is also on board with this idea.

Maintains Clumping Ability

One common theme that can occur when dealing with non-standard types of litter material is that conventional performance perfect litter planet safeattributes such as clumping ability can be lost or weakened.  Perfect Litter made sure to keep clumping ability intact, and even exclaims on their website that they still can clump despite using specialized materials.  Many eco-friendly and crystal-based litters have to forego clumping so the fact that this company was able to hold on to it is a nice touch.  It also opens up this product to a much wider audience since a lot of people do prefer retaining clumping ability.


This litter proudly exclaims that it is all-natural and does not have to utilize harsh artificial chemicals to assist in odor control.  Perfect Litter also believes that it is nearly completely dust-free and also manages to stay lightweight while utilizing these natural materials.  Being able to achieve all of these things at the same time is quite impressive, especially considering how many conventional barriers they are breaking through with this product.

General Product Information

Manufacturer’s Website:

Cat Litters Reviewed: Perfect Litter

Range of Sizes Available: 4 to 10 pounds

Types of Material Used: Vermiculite, perlite, guar gum, and other proprietary materials

Price Range:  Premium

Perfect Litter

perfect litter cat litter fullOur Rating: 2 star

Don’t let the “perfect litter” name fool you.  While we do enjoy the lightweight characteristics of the product, the cool ability to detect warning signs of FLUTD, and the inclusion of some really unique materials, it just doesn’t come together into a viable litter.  There are definitely some pros here but there are some kinks they need to work out before we can justify this for the price.  Obviously, if you are using it for the detection capabilities then price won’t be as big of an issue.  It is available in 4 and 10-pound boxes, is comprised of vermiculite, perlite, guar gum, and proprietary materials, and is available in the premium-price area.



Pros:  Unique ability to detect FLUTD, decent clumping, scentless litter smell

Cons:  Can’t handle a lot of fluids, easily tracked, extremely expensive

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