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All Blue Buffalo Cat Litter Reviews

Last Updated by Brandon F. on May 8, 2020

Blue Buffalo is one of the newer lineups of cat litters that we have reviewed.  Many people might have heard of Blue Buffalo from their popular cat and dog foods but they have also expanded to an increasingly popular lineup of cat litters.  They offer a wide range of cat litters targeted at various niches including multi-cat households, kittens, etc.

A Unique Approach to Being Eco-Friendly

walnuts cat litter

Probably the most notable aspect of Blue Buffalo cat litters is that all of their products are built upon a foundation that uses walnut shells.  This is something that we have not seen any other brand do and it adds to the list of really cool environmentally friendly cat litters out there (corn, wood, wheat, etc.).  Blue Buffalo believes that their walnut shell foundation provides adequate clumping, lower dust levels, and results in a smaller footprint on the environment.

An Established Reputation

As we mentioned above, Blue Buffalo is an extremely popular brand in the dog and cat food world.  While they may not have as much experience as some of the more traditional cat litter brands out there, it is obvious that they understand how to make quality products.  Their established reputation and proven track record will likely pay dividends in how easy it will be to get new people to try out and adopt their cat litter products.

Multiple Products Will Meet the Needs of Many Customers

Blue Buffalo has already rolled out a wide and varied lineup of cat litters.  While all of them are built upon the walnut shell foundation, there are various products designed for meeting the specific needs of many types of cats and owners.  Most notable of these include a quick-clumping product, a natural training cat litter, a pellet cat litter, and more.

General Product Information

Manufacturer’s Website:

Cat Litters Reviewed: Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter

Coming soon: Quick Clumping, Multi-Cat, Alpine Meadow Scent, Herbal Attraction, Pellet, Kitten Training

Range of Sizes Available: 14 pounds

Range of Prices: Budget to Intermediate

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter Review

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter

14-pound bags

Walnut composition




No Harsh Scent

Tracking Isn’t Bad


Dust is Hard to Clean Up

Doesn’t Clump as Well as Clay

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Advertised Product Description

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter takes a new approach by using walnut shells as the primary component.  Out of the available Blue Buffalo line, it is designed to tackle the toughest odors thanks to the combination of walnut shells and the advanced odor control formula that uses enzymes that are built into the granules.  It is available in 14-pound bags and falls under the intermediate price range.

Who This Cat Litter is Intended For

This cat litter is intended for those who may be tired of the high dust levels of traditional clay litters and/or are sensitive to the harsh fumes and dust that these clays kick out.  Also, it is another product for those who are after more eco-friendly solutions.  If all you care about is maximum odor control then this product may not be for you.

What Makes This Cat Litter Unique

The most unique feature of this product is that it is comprised of walnut shells.  This is something that nearly every other brand has avoided trying so we have to give a bonus point on that alone.  What also makes it even more unique is that Blue Buffalo has dubbed this product as their ultimate odor control solution.  Despite the “shortcomings” that non-clay litters can have when it comes to fighting odors, Blue Buffalo feels that the litter recipe that they used here is effective.

Clumping Ability – 

The clumping ability of Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter is acceptable but by no means industry-leading.  The clumps seem to take longer to form than most clay litters.  If you don’t give the clumps time to fully harden, they can still be quite gooey and become messy to clean up.

Once fully hardened, the clumps should be resilient enough to handle being moved without falling apart.  One area that we recommend avoiding using this product is in extremely high-traffic litter boxes with multiple cats.  It should be fine in single-cat litter boxes but beyond that, the fact that the clumps take a while to harden can become a major issue.

Scent – 

There is a subtle walnut-like scent with this product that reminds us of many of the other eco-friendly wood litters on the market.  The scent is fine with owners and cats that may have sensitive senses of smell.  Not having a perfume scent does mean that covering up cat waste odors falls completely on the clumping ability of the litter.

Thankfully, the inclusion of the natural enzymes helps to supercharge the odor-fighting ability and makes this the most aggressive cat litter in the Blue Buffalo lineup.  With timely litter box maintenance, most cat waste odors seem to be kept in check.  However, if you skimp on removing the waste in a day or two, you may start to catch some whiffs of cat waste (but that is pretty normal for most cat litters).

Messiness – 

Despite the claims of Blue Buffalo, dust can still be an issue here.  The dust levels and tracking are much lower than most clay-based litters on the market which is a nice plus.  However, the dust that is there is much more difficult to clean and remove.

The dust seems to “stick” to the carpet and hard surfaces and will require a wet rag and some scrubbing to lift in many scenarios.  As for maintaining the litter box, the clumps are easy enough to remove as long as you give them adequate time to harden.

Value – 

and save 

This product falls into the intermediate price range.  Since most eco-friendly cat litters tend to be more expensive, this asking price is acceptable and should be within most people’s budgets.

Overall Rating – 

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter attempts to tackle the challenging task of keeping odor of multi-cat litter boxes in check.  The walnut-based granules are said to do a great job of clumping and fighting odor compared to traditional clay litters thanks to the inclusion of odor-fighting enzymes.

While the clumping isn’t as good as clay, it is acceptable as long as you give them proper time to harden.  The dust levels are also lower than clay but can be a bit more challenging to clean up.  Overall, this is an acceptable product in regards to performance with the added benefit of being much more environmentally friendly than clay and crystal litters. tests and analyzes every major cat litter brand and various cat litter accessories to determine what the best product is that meets your needs.  When readers choose to buy our independently reviewed choices, we may earn affiliate commissions that help to support our writers and site maintenenance.