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Weruva Cat Litter Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 10, 2020

Weruva is a smaller family-owned brand that is more known for its cat and dog foods than their cat litters.  However, they have recently expanded to include their first-ever cat litter.  And we must say that they certainly were thinking out of the box on it!

While most of your traditional cat litters are going to be made of materials such as clay and silica gel, Weruva Cat Litter is primarily comprised of Japanese Hinoki Wood.  This wood mixture is also blended with green tea to assist in odor control and longevity.

The result is a very unique cat litter recipe that Weruva has cleverly named “It’s a Tea Potty!”.

Who This Cat Litter is Intended For

This cat litter is designed for owners who are ready to switch things up and think outside of the box when it comes to cat litters.  It is also good for owners who are trying to be more environmentally conscious by using all-natural ingredients in their litters.  Since this product still retains the ability to clump, it is also helpful for those of you who prefer clumping litters over non-clumping ones.

Clumping Ability – 

weruva cat litter granules

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You will first notice that the litter granules of Weruva’s Cat Litter are unlike just about any other cat litter that you have probably tried.  The granules are HUGE and remind us more of rabbit food pellets than of cat litter.  When we first saw this, we had our doubts about how well it could clump.  How could granules this massive be able to form and encase cat waste?

The way that this litter clumps is that these pellets essentially dissolve into a sort of goop once they make contact with moisture.  This goop is designed to wrap around the moisture and form a protective casing that allows for removal.

While great in theory, how does it perform in the real world?

We found that the overall strength of the clumps is a bit underwhelming.  The goopy ball never really seems to get completely hard.  When you are trying to scoop these clumps, you may find that the clumps fall apart into smaller clumps.  Also, the exposure to moisture quickly dissolves these granules almost TOO much.  Just a little bit of urine seems to create a huge area of dissolved litter.  This not only means more cleanup for you but it also means that you go through a bag much quicker.  If you have a cat that tends to do his or her business in small spurts, this problem will be further exacerbated.

As for clumping around feces, since these granules are so large that, you may find that your traditional scoop’s slots are not big enough to allow the litter to pass through.

Scent – 

weruva cat litter ingredients

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We are huge fans of how this litter smells.  The combination of the natural scent of the Japanese Hinoki Wood and the refreshing smell of green tea works.  It is refreshing to try out a scented litter that avoids overloading you with pungent artificial perfume smells.

That being said, this scent is still quite strong.  This is particularly true right when you are pouring it out of the bag.  You may need to slowly acclimate your cat to it not only because of the differing size of the pellets but also because of the smell.  However, we found that our cats came to terms with it pretty quickly.

As for odor-fighting ability, we have mixed feelings.  The strong natural scent helps to overpower cat waste initially.  However, as this fades, you will come to terms with the actual odor-fighting ability of these granules.

We found that green tea is quite good at handling the powerful ammonia smells in cat urine.  But it does struggle some with masking the solid waste.  Mixing the litter around some do seem to kick up the odor control for a few hours but then it is back to how it was initially.  Timely litter box maintenance can help with this but we wouldn’t mind if the inherent odor control ability was a bit better.

This issue will be particularly noticeable if you have multiple cats sharing the litter box or if you have a cat that is on a higher than average protein diet.

Messiness – 

The larger granules do mean that it is harder for them to be tracked out of the box.  However, despite their size, they aren’t that dense.  Because of this, they are quite lightweight and you may still find that some litter is kicked out of the litter box.  This isn’t a huge deal and trust us when we say that accidentally stepping on one of these granules feels way better than when you do it on a silica gel or clay granule!

Dust levels are about average as well.  While not quite on the level of some of the dustiest clay litters that we have tested, this litter does produce more dust than most of the all-natural litters on the market.

And as we mentioned before, you may find that removing and maintaining clumps to be a bit challenging.  Not only will you potentially have to make multiple passes due to the clumps falling apart, but you may have to go out and purchase a new scoop that has larger slots.

Value – 

As is typical of many of the specialty all-natural litters that we have tried, the asking prices are above average.  While clay may not be the most environmentally friendly material around, it is extremely cheap.  This allows prices to stay quite low.  But when you get into these more exotic cat litters that use off-the-wall materials, you can almost always expect the asking price to creep up.

For someone willing to pay a premium for a more environmentally-friendly litter, this may not be a big deal.  But for many who are on a more tight pet budget, the added expenses will not be as happily accepted.

Overall Rating – 

It's A Tea Potty! Weruva Cat Litter, 11.7lb Bag

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Weruva’s “It’s a Tea Potty” Cat Litter certainly tops the list when it comes to sheer originality.  The combination of Japanese Hinoki Wood and green tea is quite clever and something that we haven’t seen any other litter brand attempt.

We love the all-natural ingredients and the pleasant (albeit powerful) scent that they give off.  And for an all-natural cat litter, the odor-fighting isn’t that bad short-term when it comes to dealing with ammonia.

But there are some notable negatives here as well.  The clumping ability isn’t up to the standard of most of your clay litters.  The goop that is created from the dissolved granules never really seems to form the rock-hard clumps that we like to see.  This not only makes for messier cleaning but it also directly impacts long-term odor-fighting.

Next, the dust levels are quite high for being a wood-based cat litter.  This isn’t a huge deal to most but it is worth mentioning.

Finally, there is the price.  This is a pretty expensive cat litter.  And while we expect a premium charge due to the exotic materials being used, many people may not want to spend this kind of money on a cat litter that doesn’t perform as well as some of the much cheaper clay litters on the market.

While there are some negatives here, we are overall content with the litter.  Not necessarily from a performance standpoint but from a “thinking outside the box” standpoint.  Somebody simply wishing to mix things up a bit may consider giving this litter a go simply out of curiosity.  And who knows?  Maybe its positives might outweigh its negatives in your particular household. tests and analyzes every major cat litter brand and various cat litter accessories to determine what the best product is that meets your needs.  When readers choose to buy our independently reviewed choices, we may earn affiliate commissions that help to support our writers and site maintenenance.