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All Premium Choice Cat Litter Reviews

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 2, 2020

This is a listing of all Premium Choice cat litters that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Premium Choice cat litters with our internal ranking system.  Premium Choice is one of the smaller cat litter companies, having only a handful of products.  However, the products that they do have they take great pride in and exclaim that they will meet your expectations while using the fewest additives possible to achieve those results.  Essentially they like to “keep it simple”.

You won’t find a lot of exotic materials and ingredients being used on their products.  They stick with special clays and odor fighters like baking soda.  Also, they appear to focus on the more budget-conscious buyer because all of their products are very reasonably priced.  Despite this, most of them perform quite well and can compete with much more expensive brands.

Our Top Rated Premium Choice Cat Litters

 Premium Choice All Natural UnscentedPremium Choice Dual StrengthPremium Choice Extra Strength with Baking Soda
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Built Around Clay

Premium Choice cat litters don’t try to do anything fancy and instead decide to stick with the most traditional and proven cat litter material: clay.  They go so far as to only have one other primary ingredient other than clay in any of their products, with it being baking soda.

This is a very straightforward approach across the board, which can be somewhat of a rarity in the cat litter world.  Many other companies are experimenting with more exotic and specialized materials to gain an edge but it is obvious that Premium Choice feels that they have an effective clay formula.

Beyond this, they even retain conventional performance attributes such as clumping and the inclusion of artificial scents into most of their products.  While this might not be for everyone (particularly those who are sensitive to artificial perfume smells), it is a proven method that helps to maximize odor control abilities and long clumping without throwing in many unproven variables.

Huge Range of Sizes

Premium Choice has a very large range of sizes in their products, ranging from convenient 16-pound bags to their enormous 50-pound bag.  This makes their products great for a variety of audiences.  This includes those individuals who might struggle to carry large, heavy bags and don’t need a huge bag of litter due to only having a single cat to those who have multiple cats and would prefer to buy a larger quantity of litter at once.  Since they only deal in clay, things can get heavy quickly seeing how clay is very dense.  It is nice that they still have some small, lightweight options despite this.

Targeted at Some of the Toughest Litter Boxes

premium choice tough litter

This company doesn’t shy away from handling the most challenging litter boxes.  It advertises as being intended to be used on them!  These include litter boxes that might have several cats using them (which can challenge the clumping and odor-control capabilities of a litter) as well as litter boxes that might be in small rooms with poor ventilation where even the slightest cat waste odor can linger.

Many companies don’t try to handle these scenarios, and for good reason.  They can be tough and can be quite testing on a product.  However, Premium Choice’s straightforward approach that is based around effective clay granules is designed just for these scenarios and is why they have products such as Multi-cat and Extra Strength.

Great Prices Across the Board

We have noticed that in general Premium Choice has some of the most affordable asking prices of any product on the market.  This is partially thanks to their decision to stick with clay (which is typically one of the most affordable litter material choices) as well as their established production methods that help to keep prices down while managing to still deliver a quality product.

Because of this, if you are on a tight pet budget then you should look into this company.  It manages to minimize the strain on your wallet while still delivering a litter that meets all of the normal expectations you look for: good clumping and nice odor control.

General Product Information

Manufacturer’s Website:

Cat Litters Reviewed: All Natural Unscented, Dual Strength, Extra Strength with Baking Soda, Multi-cat

Range of Sizes Available: 16 to 50 pounds

Types of Material Used: Clay and baking soda

Price Range:  Budget

Premium Choice All Natural Unscented

premium choice all natural unscented cat litter reviewOur Rating3.5 star

The performance metrics of this litter are all above average, but it is quite messy.  If you are willing to deal with the dust then you are left with a reasonably priced litter that smells great and performs great. It is available in 16-pound jugs and 24, 40, and 50-pound bags, is comprised of clay, and is available in the budget-price tier.






Pros:  Quick hard clumping, litter itself is not overly smelly, good price

Cons:  Can go through product quickly, very dusty

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Premium Choice Dual Strength

premium choice dual strength cat litter reviewOur Rating: 3 star

The great price is the biggest selling point here.  It has acceptable clumping, odor control and for the most part mess-free and for the asking price we can overlook its minor issues for the most part.  It is available in 16-pound jugs and 25 and 40-pound bags, is comprised of clay, and is available in the budget-price tier.






Pros:  Good hard clumps, minimal tracking, good price point

Cons:  Can struggle with urine, strong artificial scent

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Premium Choice Extra Strength with Baking Soda


premium choice extra strength with baking soda cat litter fullOur Rating: 2.5 star

This litter is pretty average in most regards, and its overall rating suggests this.  Sure, there are higher-performing litters on the market but the great price makes it easy to overlook its weak points.  It is available in 16-pound jugs and 25 and 50-pound bags, is comprised of clay and baking soda, and is available in the budget-price area.




Pros:  Handles feces smells with ease, reasonably affordable

Cons:  Can struggle with urine, a bit too dusty, soft clumps that can fall apart

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Premium Choice Multi-cat

premium choice multi-cat cat litter reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

There are a lot of issues with this product and even at the good price, we can’t overlook them.  The clumps do stay relatively hard but they struggle to control cat odors.  In addition, the litter is generally on the messier side.  If you are trying to be frugal it should work well enough but otherwise shop around for something better. It is available in 16-pound jugs and 25-pound bags, is comprised of clay and baking soda, and is available in the budget-price category.




Pros:  Acceptable clumping, reasonably priced

Cons:  Clumps can fall apart in high traffic areas, strong artificial scent, potentially messy cleanup

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