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All Ever Clean Cat Litter Reviews

Updated by Brandon F. on May 15, 2020

This is a listing of all Ever Clean cat litters that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Ever Clean cat litters with our internal ranking system.  Ever Clean has been around since the mid-80s and proudly claims itself as being the owner of “America’s First Clumping Cat Litter”.

This ideal is reflected through all of its products with its conventionally effective clumping abilities.  While it doesn’t have as many product options as some of its competitors, what it does have has been extensively tried and tested and anybody interested in purchasing an Ever Clean product knows that they will be getting a premium cat litter.  They also attempt to stand out from the competition through advances such as their proprietary and patented CARBON Plus technology.

Our Top Rated Ever Clean Cat Litters

 Ever Clean Extra Strength UnscentedEver Clean EverfreshEver Clean Extra Strength Scented
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Optimized Using Clay

A lot of cat litter companies on the market test various specialty materials, many of which are quite exotic, in trying to find the perfect litter recipe.  Ingredients such as crystals, plants, wood, corn, and even newspaper are fairly commonplace these days.  Ever Clean avoids this route and sticks to the tried and testing clay approach instead.

While they may not win any awards for originality, they believe that they have effective clumping clay that they use in all of their products that not only clumps well but also fights odors for long periods.  Because of this, they decide to build their products around this.

Also, that isn’t to say that they aren’t constantly looking for ways to improve their established approach.  They still take advantage of progressive technologies such as Carbon PLUS which compliments their clay and adds wrinkle of odor-fighting performance to it.  However, the clay is the backbone of this brand.

Designed to Handle the Toughest Litter Boxes

Ever Clean’s straightforward approach of using clay also has an added side bonus in that it results in a very effective odor defender.  Typically clay-based litters that have clumping abilities are towards the top of the list of effective ingredients for handling high-traffic, multi-cat litter boxes.

This is thanks to a combination of clay being a very good clumping material and also its good ability to mask cat odors.  The combination of these two metrics makes many of their products excellent candidates for those particularly difficult litter boxes you might be dealing with.  This can include boxes that have 3 or more cats using them or that are in small apartments that might have poor ventilation.

Their Products Meet a Wide Range of Needs

While Ever Clean’s overall product list isn’t as extensive as many others are in the industry, what they do offer is broad in regards to clay litters.  They have litters intended to both clump and not clump, multi-cat designed litters, and even unscented clay litters.  The fact that they have all of their bases covered in regards to clay further shows that they are confident with their approach and understanding of using this material.

Reasonably Priced

Another benefit that Ever Clean enjoys both through its usage of clay and also its established manufacturing process is a very low overhead compared to many other companies and their respected litter materials.  Because of this, they can give that back to their customers with typically very affordable asking prices.  Clay is considered one of the cheapest litter ingredients to use so you can enjoy some nice cost savings if you decide to stick with it.

Nice Range in Sizes

Not everybody needs an enormous, heavy box of cat litter while at the same time not everybody wants to have to purchase a new bag every other week.  To combat this, Ever Clean has a pretty nice range of sizes for their products.  You can go with an easy-to-carry and store 14-pound bag up to the large 42-pound box that should last you quite a while.

General Product Information

Manufacturer’s Website:

Cat Litters Reviewed: Extra Strength Unscented, Everfresh, Extra Strength Scented, Ever Clean Multiple Cat

Range of Sizes Available: 14 to 42 pounds

Types of Material Used: Clay, carbon, natural minerals

Price Range: Budget to Premium

Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented

Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented cat Litter 1 fullOur Rating4 star

This product does it all well: great clumping, superior odor fighting capabilities, and it is quite easy to clean up.   When you consider it is very affordable it makes it a definite buy from us.  It is available in 14 and 25-pound boxes and 42-pound bags, is comprised of clay, and is available in the budget-priced tier.



Pros:  Very effective at clumping, locks in almost all cat odors, great price

Cons:  Sticky dust

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Ever Clean EverFresh

ever clean everfresh 1 fullOur Rating4 star

This product has some of the best clumping we have come across.  The inclusion of activated charcoal is an added bonus and really makes this litter great against tough cat odors.  Cleanup is quite simple as well.  However, we have seen it for a pretty high asking price online.  We aren’t saying it isn’t worth it, but we encourage you to shop around and try to find it at a lower deal to make it a true recommended purchase.  It is available in 25-pound boxes, is comprised of clay, and is available in the premium-price range.



Pros:  Excellent clumping, completely covers cat odor smells, very little tracking

Cons:  Rather expensive, a bit too dusty

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Ever Clean Extra Strength Scented


Ever Clean Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter 1 fullOur Rating: 3.5 star

This product is pretty decent all around.  Similar to many Ever Clean products, probably its strongest point is its great clumping.  The perfume that was added is a bit too intense for our liking, however, and we really don’t see the need in making it so pungent.  However, for the asking price, this is a minor complaint.  It is available i25-pound 25-pound boxes, is comprised of clay, and is available in the budget to mid-priced tiers.



Pros:  Hard clumps, low dust levels

Cons:  Clumps can take a little while to harden, strong artificial perfume smell

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Ever Clean Multiple Cat

Ever Clean Multiple Cat Cat Litter 1 fullOur Rating: 3 star

This litter is average to perhaps slightly above average across the board.  The clumps, as expected, are great and the odor control is serviceable but it is a bit dustier than what we would like to see.  However, at its good price point, it is an alright choice if your options are somewhat limited.  It is available in 25-pound boxes, is comprised of clay, and is available in the mid-priced tier.





Pros:  Pretty affordable, small hard clumps that hold up

Cons:  A little too dusty, overwhelming perfume smell

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