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All So Phresh Cat Litter Reviews

Updated by Brandon F. on June 4, 2020

This is a listing of all So Phresh cat litters that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best So Phresh cat litters with our internal ranking system.  So Phresh is a smaller cat litter brand that is primarily sold through Petco and its affiliates.  For having a relatively small selection of products, what is available is quite varied.

They offer both clumping as well as non-clumping solutions and they use both conventional clay products as well as more unique and exotic choices such as crystals and even paper.  A majority of their products seem to be aligned to be intermediate price options and they have some unique benefits and also some common shortcomings.  That being said, shop around and you might find an option that works for your house scenario.

Our Top Rated So Phresh Cat Litters

 So Phresh Odor Control Paper PelletSo Phresh Advanced Odor Control UnscentedSo Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal
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A Variety of Approaches

While So Phresh has a relatively limited number of products that they sell, the products that they do make are quite varied in both their application as well as the materials that are used.  They have your standard clay clumping litters that most people are used to using but then also venture out into more unique products as well.

For instance, they have their version of a crystal-based cat litter that has become popular recently through their usage of silica gel beads.  Also, they delve into a more eco-friendly approach with a litter that is comprised of recycled paper pellets.  This variety of products shows that they are thinking outside of the box and willing to take some risks in trying unconventional approaches to find products that work for the consumer.

Fighting Odor is a Top Priority

You will likely notice that a common theme between most of So Phresh’s products is their desire to fight cat waste odors.  While this is sort of a no-brainer for most people, it is apparent that So Phresh puts this as a top priority over the other typical cat litter metrics people look for.  Some companies will advertise their great clumping while others will advertise their low tracking.  For So Phresh, it is all about locking in cat solid waste and urine smells quickly and for a long period.

This is not an easy task, especially considering some of the more specialized materials that we see being used here.  It would be one thing if they were simply using a clumping clay to try this but the fact that they feel that they can meet the high ideal of being an awesome odor fighter with a variety of litter types is quite refreshing.

Large Range of Product Sizes

There is a more than acceptable range of package sizes that are available in the So Phresh product lines.  They vary from the very mobile 8-pound package up to the huge 40-pound bag.  And there is a nice representation of the different types of material used across the board.

For example, paper pellets, which are much lighter than a similar-sized granule of clay, still come in up to a 30-pound bag.  And clay, which is typically expected to be one of the if not the heaviest litter material, has some relatively lightweight options as well.  This means that no matter if you just need a small, lightweight bag that will last a while with your single cat or you would prefer a larger bag to appease your multiple cats for a longer period, So Phresh might have something that works for you.

General Product Information

Manufacturer’s Website:

Cat Litters Reviewed: Odor Control Paper Pellet, Advanced Odor Control Unscented, Odor-Lock Crystal, Dual Odor Guard, Advanced Odor Control Scented

Range of Sizes Available: 8 to 40 pounds

Types of Material Used: Paper pellets, clay, silica gel, mineral crystal,

Price Range:  Mid to Premium

So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet

so phresh odor control paper pellet cat litter reviewOur Rating: 3 star

Traditionally we are used to the more unique litter materials having issues that aren’t normal in clay or crystal forms.  This product is a rare example of this not being the case.  That being said, it is a bit expensive.  For being an eco-friendly option it does everything well enough to warrant a soft recommendation from us.  It is available in 25-pound bags, is comprised of paper pellets, and is available in the mid to premium-price ranges.




Pros:  Overwhelming litter scent, paper absorbs most cat odors, no dust

Cons:  Requires a bit more maintenance, somewhat pricey

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So Phresh Advanced Odor Control Unscented

so phresh advanced odor control unscented cat litter reviewOur Rating: 3 star

This product does everything average to slightly above average.  So while it doesn’t knock anything out of the park, it doesn’t have any major issues.  The price point we typically see it at is more than acceptable for the performance you are getting.  It is available in 40-pound bags and 16 and 30-pound tubs, is comprised of clay, and is available in the mid-price range.




Pros:  Very good hard clumps, above average odor control

Cons:  Very dusty, litter can break down into messy “sand” if exhausted

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So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal


so phresh odor lock crystal cat litter reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

This litter is quite expensive, and we don’t see a lot of selling points that make it worth the premium.  While most crystal-based litters don’t have clumping abilities, these crystals overall don’t do anything amazing and don’t really warrant the high asking price.   It is available in 8, 15, and 30-pound bags, is comprised of silica gel, and is available in the premium-price range.




Pros:  Handles feces and urine odors for several days, crystals absorb most of the moisture

Cons:  Can easily be overwhelmed if litter box is used too much, pretty expensive

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So Phresh Dual Odor Guard


so phresh dual odor guard cat litter reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

Despite its aggressive stance, the clumps on this product just don’t stay together very well.   However, that is the only major issue but it is significantly enough to force us to knock down the rating quite a bit.  There is also some tracking issues but this is quite common with the litters that have crystals mixed in with them.   It is available in 16 and 20-pound tubs, is comprised of mineral crystals, and is available in the mid to premium price ranges.




Pros:  Good moisture absorption, good at capturing urine smells

Cons:  Clumps could be a bit better, tracks easily, can struggle with combating feces odors

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So Phresh Advanced Odor Control Scented

so phresh advanced odor control scented cat litter reviewOur Rating: 2 star

Unfortunately, this litter is riddled with small issues that really add up.  It is very messy and the litter smell is somewhat overwhelming.  The clumping is decent enough but for the asking price we just don’t see a lot worth getting excited about.  It is availab30-pound and 30 pound tubs, is comprised of clay, and is available in the mid to premium-price tiers.





Pros:  Clumps are serviceable in short-term, good at moisture absorption

Cons:  Can struggle with locking in odor long-term, on the dustier side, clumps can fall apart and become a gooey mess

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