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All UltraPet Cat Litter Reviews

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 9, 2020

This is a listing of all UltraPet cat litters that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best UltraPet cat litters with our internal ranking system.  UltraPet Cat litters are a very special series of products that span a wide range of applications, materials, clumping abilities, and price.  They seem to push the envelope in many ways, and offer products that cannot be found hardly anywhere else.

It all began in the late 90s with what they claim as being the first-ever silica gel-based cat litter to be sold.  From there it has only grown.  Options now include unique bentonite clay, silica gel, wood, and even zeolite!  Overall they tend to be on the pricier side of what is available but they still have some products for the budget-conscious shopper as well.  If anything you and your cat will get a unique experience if you decide to try out one of their products!

Our Top Rated UltraPet Cat Litters

 UltraPet Crystal Clear Litter PearlsUltraPet Ultra PearlsUltraPet Ultra Micro Crystals
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Our Rating3.5 cat thumbnail3 cat thumbnail3 cat thumbnail
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Great Variety of Litter Materials

Most cat litters we review typically stick to a particular type of litter material.  The most common material is clay, which a vast majority of cat litter products are comprised of.  However, there are also brands like Swheat that primarily stick with other materials such as wheat.  UltraPet approaches this differently by offering a nice range of materials in their litters.

These include the traditional clay-based recipes but they then extend it to things such as silica gels and even wood.  This shows us that they are willing to think outside the box in how they design their products and they aren’t afraid to take some risks along the way.

Looking for Crystals?  Look No More.

As mentioned above, UltraPet has a nice variety of litter materials that they use.  However, by far their most prominent approach is through crystal-based cat litters.  Specifically, their Litter Pearls and Ultra Pearls products.  By using silica gel, they can introduce some very unique attributes to their litters that you simply won’t find in any other material type.

For example, silica gel is particularly good at concealing cat waste odors and you might find that its performance trumps even the best-performing clay litters you have tried in the odor-blocking area.  They are also unique in that they are very absorbent which surprises some people when they first look at the silica beads.

Small Sizes that Pack a Punch

One aspect you will quickly notice about UltraPet is that their product sizes are much smaller than most other brands.  You are used to generally seeing bags that can easily exceed 40 and even 50 pounds.  However, you won’t find that with this company.  The largest package size we have reviewed comes in at just 14 pounds!

The reason for this is that the materials that are used are much more potent and also last much longer than your typical litter materials, so a given bag of this could be comparable to a much larger bag of clay.  The indirect benefit from this is that whenever you go shopping you don’t have to worry about straining trying to lug a huge bag of cat litter to your car and then to your house.

Designed for Challenging Litter Boxes

Due to crystal’s unique performance attributes, many of UltraPet’s products are intended to handle the toughest litter boxes.  These ultrapet long lastingare the type of litter boxes that are exposed to high levels of moisture via cat waste and that are also prone to leaking out cat waste odors.  With silica gel’s extra absorbent tendencies both when it comes to odors as well as moisture itself, these products are great for those litter boxes that still seem to win the fight against traditional clay litters.

Low Maintenance Means Fewer Headaches for You

Next to their impressive odor-fighting and moisture retention qualities, UltraPet products also shine at being very low maintenance for their owner.  They tend to have significantly less dust and tracking issues than compared to other litter types, and since many are designed to simply be dumped out when the box’s contents are exhausted, you won’t find yourself having to dig for clumps to remove daily or multiple times a week.  Of course, many of their products do still retain clumping ability so if you do wish to remove them to prolong litter life that option is still there.

General Product Information

Manufacturer’s Website:

Cat Litters Reviewed: Crystal Clear Litter Pearls, Ultra Pearls, Micro Crystals, Litter Pearls Micro Crystals, Trackless Litter Pearls, Better Way Original, Better Way Fresh, Ultra Lite, Better Way Flushable, Better Way Cedar

Range of Sizes Available: 3.5 to 14 pounds

Types of Material Used: Silica gel, clay, zeolite, bentonite, and cedar

Price Range:  Budget to Premium

UltraPet Crystal Clear Litter Pearls

ultrapet crystal clear litter pearls cat litter reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

Great odor control.  In fact, probably the best that we have experience with any of the crystal products.  But, like many of them, it is very expensive.  The beads are also great for cats with sensitive paws and it can handle even the busiest litter box odors with minimal issue, but you need to decide if you are willing to spend this kind of money on a cat litter.  It is available in 7-pound bags, is comprised of silica gel, and is available in the premium-price tier.






Pros:  Extremely good at locking in odor smells, quite absorbent, no litter smell

Cons:  Somewhat dusty, expensive

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UltraPet Ultra Pearls 

ultrapet ultra pearls cat litter reviewOur Rating3 star

This is one of our favorite crystal litters, doing what crystal litters do well but also having their typical shortcomings. It has some of the best odor control on the market but it is one of the most expensive litters we have ever reviewed.  Whether this is worth it to someone is on a case by case basis.  It is available in 5-pound bags, is comprised of silica gel, and is available in the premium-price area.





Pros:  Excellent at concealing urine and feces odors, beads are comfortable on cat paws, absorbs all moisture

Cons:  Some tracking issues, incredibly expensive

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UltraPet Ultra Micro Crystals


ultrapet ultra micro crystals cat litter reviewOur Rating: 3 star

A great solution for cats with sensitive paws and owners who want effective odor fighting.  However, it is extremely expensive.  It also keeps odor in check but be expected to pay for it.  It is available in 5-pound bags, is comprised of silica gel, and is available in the premium price tier.






Pros:  Great job at sealing in strong cat odors, soaks up moisture like a sponge, no litter scent

Cons:  Beads are easily kicked around and tracked, very expensive

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UltraPet Litter Pearls Micro Crystals

ultrapet litter pearl micro crystals cat litter reviewOur Rating: 3 star

These special micro crystals manage to stop odor with ease and also feel great on your cat’s paws.  However, be expected to pay a hefty price tag for this product. If you are willing to open your wallet you shouldn’t be too disappointed, particularly if you have a cat with very sensitive paws.  It is available in 3.5 and 7-pound bags, is comprised of silica gel, and is available in the premium-price area.






Pros:  Handles both feces and urine odors with ease, locks in odors for days at a time, low maintenance

Cons:  Very expensive, beards are tiny so they are kicked around and tracked easily

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UltraPet Trackless Litter Pearls


ultrapet trackless litter pearls cat litter reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

We weren’t as impressed with this product as other crystal litters.  The great odor control is still there for the most part, but it is a step lower than the other crystal-based products we have reviewed.  It is also on the messy side.  The price is a little lower so it negates some of this but it isn’t significant enough of a drop for us to ignore its relative shortcomings.  It is available in 3.5, 7, and 10.5-pound bags, is comprised of silica gel, and is available in the premium price tier.




Pros:  Great odor control, pretty absorbent

Cons:  Still tracks, crystals are sharp and can cause scratches, expensive

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UltraPet Better Way Original

ultrapet better way original cat litter reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

This is a pretty average product across the board, with nothing standing out positive or negative.  The price is decent enough but don’t expect this to wow you in any particular way.  It is available in 14-pound bags, is comprised of clay, and is available in the budget-price tier.






Pros:  Clumps quite well, good price

Cons:  Clumps can be a bit sensitive, struggles with locking in odor, quite dusty and messy

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UltraPet Better Way Fresh

ultrapet better way fresh cat litter reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

The bentonite used is just too soft and the clumps reflect that.  The spring scent is nice but overall this product struggles too much in handling and containing cat waste doors.  The price is decent, however, so we can be a bit lax on our expectations.  It is available in 14-pound bags, is comprised of clay, and is available in the mid-price tier.






Pros:  Gentle on cat paws, refreshing flower litter scent, decent price

Cons:  Clumps are too soft, overall struggles with stopping cat odors, quite dusty

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UltraPet Ultra Lite

ultrapet ultra lite cat litter reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

The ingredient combination is unique, but the result is a very messy litter that clumps poorly.  The lightweight feature and its acceptable job of stopping odors are nice positives, though.  We are pretty neutral on this product overall.  It is available in 5 and 10-pound bags, is comprised of clay and silica gel, and is available in the premium-priced category.





Pros:  No overpowering litter smell, locks odors in for several days, not overly dusty

Cons:  Clumps are too soft, tracks extremely easy, quite pricey

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UltraPet Better Way Flushable

ultrapet better way flushable cat litter reviewOur Rating: 1.5 star

This product has some major issues.  The clumps struggle to actually form into masses which then indirectly makes odor control ability struggle.  It is also on the dusty side and cleanup can be way too laborious.  Seeing how this litter is oftentimes in the premium price category we just don’t see a lot to get excited about here.  It is available in 12-pound bags, is comprised of zeolite, and is available in the mid to premium-price tiers.





Pros:  Subtle litter smell

Cons:  Soft gooey clumps, struggles with odors especially urine, dusty and sticks to litter box easily

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UltraPet Better Way Cedar


ultrapet better way cedar cat litter reviewOur Rating: 1.5 star

We have always appreciated wood-based litters but, like many others, this has some major issues.  While it is obviously more eco-friendly, you simply have to sacrifice too much in the clumping, odor control, and cleanup department to make it worthwhile, particularly at this price.  It is available in 14-pound bags, is comprised of bentonite and cedar, and is available in the premium price tier.






Pros:  Refreshing wood litter scent, odor control is alright with timely litter box maintenance

Cons:  Very expensive, weak clumping, messy cleanup

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