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So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter Review

Overall Rating

So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter Review

8, 15, and 30-pound bags

Silica gel composition



Handles feces and urine odors for several days

Crystals absorb most of the moisture


Can easily be overwhelmed if litter box is used too much

Pretty expensive

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So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 4, 2020

Advertised Product Description

This is our So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter Review.  So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal cat litter is specialized in that it uses odor-absorbing crystals to help provide better odor control and moisture resistance than conventional clay offering.  The crystals are made of silica gel which is a non-toxic material and should agree with even the pickiest cats.  The great absorption power soaks up moisture instantly and keeps odor in check.  The crystals can last for up to a month and produce little dust.  This product is available in 8, 15, and 30-pound bags.

Who This Cat Litter is Intended For

This cat litter is designed for owners who are looking for an aggressive odor lock formula but are fed up with clay or wood products.  Also, they or their cat might have allergy issues or problems with harsh chemical perfumes commonly used.  They don’t want to deal with removing clumps regularly and would prefer to simply dump the contents when necessary.  Finally, they are willing to pay a premium price for a litter that meets all of their needs.

What Makes This Cat Litter Unique

This cat litter is unique because it is made of silica gel (otherwise known as crystals), which is a pretty uncommon material in the litter world.  Despite this interesting approach, the manufacturer feels that this recipe is perfect for locking in odor quickly and effectively, even without the necessity of strong perfumes or even a clumping ability.  We are especially impressed with the supposed exclamation that the silica crystals can last up to a month.

Clumping Ability – N/A

This product is not intended to clump.  Instead, the crystals are intended to quickly absorb the waste and suck it dry of all odor-causing smells.  This can be good if you don’t want to deal with clumps but bad if you are trying to preserve the life of a litter since as the waste piles up smells will slowly start to sneak out.

Scent – 2.5 star

There is a subtle smell that the crystals themselves put out.  It isn’t overpowering and most cats and owners shouldn’t mind it.  In regards to its ability to mask cat odors, it does a very good job of absorbing feces odors for days and even well over a week.  Urine is for the most part handled but some smells of ammonia might seep out after 5 or 6 days, especially in busy litter boxes.

The problem with the urine smell is that once it comes out it is extremely powerful.  It is almost as if once the crystals are exhausted they just “give up” and dump all of the odor into the air.  So in the matter of a single day, you can go from little or no smell to extremely overpowering smell.

Messiness – 3 star

Since you aren’t going in and picking out clumps daily that means there is a lot less potential for causing a mess.  The crystals also do a good job of absorption so even when it comes time to replace the litter you aren’t dealing with a sticky pasty mess unless you have severely slacked and waited until the litter was completely exhausted with moisture.

Tracking isn’t as bad as expected because the crystals are actually on the larger size and despite being lighter than most clay litters they are still heavy enough to not stick to cat paws.  There is a little dust but nothing major, especially when compared to conventional clay litters.

Value – 2 star

Online prices for this litter generally are seen to fall in the premium-priced category.  This is the norm for silica gel cat litters but may still be out of range for many people on a tight pet budget.

Overall Rating – 2.5 star

The So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter Review earns 2.5 out of 5 cats.  For the high price, the sale points just aren’t there.  We understand that not everybody wants a clumping litter, but we feel this product needs something like that to bump up the performance some as the crystals it uses are a bit lacking, particularly in regards to keeping in urine smells anywhere near the advertised time that they can.  At least it is a pretty easy to maintain litter. tests and analyzes every major cat litter brand and various cat litter accessories to determine what the best product is that meets your needs.  When readers choose to buy our independently reviewed choices, we may earn affiliate commissions that help to support our writers and site maintenenance.