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Precious Cat Classic Cat Litter Review

Clumping Ability
Overall Rating

Precious Cat Classic Cat Litter

18, 40, and 54-pound bags

Clay composition

Mid to premium-price


Extremely hard clumps

Little smell comes out from either litter or cat waste

Pretty easy to clean


Moisture can sometimes overwhelm box

Very large clumps

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Precious Cat Classic Cat Litter Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 1, 2020

Advertised Product Description

This is our Precious Cat Classic Cat Litter Review.  Precious Cat Classic cat litter is the original litter offered by Precious Cat.  It is known for its hard clumping and low tracking.  The particles are larger and denser than many of the competitors and as such, it tends to stay in the box more easily.  It is advertised as being 99.9% dust-free, hypoallergenic, all-natural, and having the superior odor control you demand out of a cat litter.  It is available in 18, 40, and 54-pound bags.

Who This Cat Litter is Intended For

This cat litter is intended for those owners and cats who look to keep things simple and prefer a conventional clay-based cat litter that promises good clumping and odor control instead of many of the more exotic litter materials on the market.  They have either single or multi-cat households and their cats aren’t allergic or turned off by clay smell or the dust it sometimes puts out.  Also, they enjoy the clumping benefit that many clay litters have.  Finally, this is for someone willing to pay a bit extra for a product that works well for their situation.

What Makes This Cat Litter Unique

This cat litter is unique in that it tries to do everything well that is expected of a clay litter without having to rely on fancy gimmicks.  Precious Cat feels that by sticking to proven and established methods that they have produced a viable litter that will meet the needs of many people, even if they have a potentially busy and demanding litter box scenario.  However, other unique features such as being hypo-allergenic show that they still can make more modern tweaks to their products to make them the best that they can be.

Clumping Ability – 3.5 star

This product clumps extremely hard.  Simple as that.  The large, dense particles stick together very well when exposed to moisture and the result is a rock hard clump that stays hard for multiple days.  The only drawback with the large components is that some of the clumps can be quite large themselves.

This is not the most efficient usage of the product but it is a minor complaint.  The litter also pulls in moisture decently, although there are more absorbent offerings on the market.  However, regular maintenance should make this a non-issue.

Scent – 3.5 star

There is relatively little litter smell that comes from the litter itself.  Being “all-natural” means it isn’t doused in strong perfumes or deodorants.  It does a good job of soaking in the cat waste smells and keeping them locked in for long periods.  The hard clumps are likely helping with this.  There can be some minor urine smells if you let too much moisture get into the box, however.  We feel the performance is also good enough to warrant trying on busier litter boxes such as one that is shared by two or three cats as well.

Messiness – 3 star

Overall it is very easy to clean.  The clumps are easily identifiable and you don’t have much concern with them falling apart while being moved or removed during cleaning.  The heavy particles tend to stay in place and are difficult to track out of the box.  For the most part, the dust is in check, although there is some (the 99.9% dust-free might be a bit of an exaggeration).  If you allow moisture to overwhelm the box and sink to the bottom, however, it can make quite a sticky mess.  Just make sure you monitor the box closely, especially with multiple cat households.

Value – 3 star

Prices for this project range quite a bit but have been seen to generally fall in the mid to premium-price tiers.  *NOTE* We have seen this product at much more reasonable prices as of late.  This can bump this from being a soft recommendation to a much stronger one.  Shop around!

Overall Rating – 3 star

The Precious Cat Classic Cat Litter Review earns 3 out of 5 cats.  A popular offering from Precious Cat, it does the trick for the most part without any major complaints.  The clumps are quite good (although we wish they were a bit smaller) and it handles most cat odors that are thrown its way.  It is a safe choice that should appease most single-cat and some multi-cat boxes, although we do wish the price was a bit lower to help make it more convincing. tests and analyzes every major cat litter brand and various cat litter accessories to determine what the best product is that meets your needs.  When readers choose to buy our independently reviewed choices, we may earn affiliate commissions that help to support our writers and site maintenenance.