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Swheat Scoop Original Cat Litter Review

Clumping Ability
Overall Rating

Swheat Scoop Original Cat Litter

7, 14, 25, and 40-pound bags

Wheat composition

Budget to mid-price


Enjoyable subtle litter smell

Not much dust

Acceptable price


Clumps take a long time to harden and fall apart

Becomes very stinky when exposed to moisture

Tracks easily

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Swheat Scoop Original Cat Litter Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 7, 2020

Advertised Product Description

This is our Swheat Scoop Original Cat Litter Review.  Swheat Scoop Original cat litter is a unique litter in that it utilizes wheat enzymes to help eliminate cat odors and wheat starch to assist in clumping.  It is sewer and septic-friendly and odor-free so it is good for cats and owners with sensitive smells or allergies while still retaining clumping capabilities.  This product is available in 7, 14, 25, and 40-pound bags.

Who This Cat Litter is Intended For

This cat litter is intended for single-cat households or litter boxes that have relatively slow traffic.  It is good for people who want to mix things up and go with a different litter material than they are used to but don’t want to give up clumping capabilities or deal with harsh artificial perfume scent.  Also, it is a better choice for someone who is wanting to go a more eco-friendly route.  Finally, at its asking price, it is a good target for those on a relatively tight pet budget and would like to keep the costs somewhat low.

What Makes This Cat Litter Unique

This cat litter is unique because it is made entirely of wheat, which is very interesting in of itself.  To build on this, it is also advertised as having clumping capabilities that can rival conventional litters and even boasts that it will last up to twice as long.  Other interesting facts such as it being completely biodegradable make it stand out from what is a crowded litter market.

Clumping Ability – 1 star

Unfortunately, this litter can have major issues with clumping.  The clumps can take a long time to harden to the point that they can be handled and even after they do harden enough they are notoriously soft and can easily fall apart.  Also, large amounts of fluid being exposed to the litter will overwhelm it and it tends to become somewhat pasty and quite sticky, meaning it could stick to the walls of the box and even your cat.  This becomes progressively worse the busier your litter box is, and we don’t recommend trying this product on a busy litter box used by multiple cats.

Scent – 2 star

The litter itself has a wheat smell to it, which for most isn’t considered too overbearing.  It is a lot more enjoyable than many of the clay unscented litters on the market and especially a lot of the overpowering scented products.  However, as the litter is exposed to high levels of moisture it can become a very foul-smelling ammonia scent and it might turn off some cats.

Also, when the clumps fall apart they can kick up strong odors of feces.  These are for the most part time-oriented things, though, so if you can get to the feces quickly and avoid having the litter be oversaturated with moisture then it does a decent job of keeping smells in check.

Messiness – 2 star

Being wheat-based, there isn’t much dust associated with this product.  However, what dust there is tracks quite easily since it is so light.  It resembles a fine powder and can get lifted with the slightest disturbance.  Cleanup can be annoying if the clumps fall apart and when the litter has too much liquid it becomes a thick paste that is a nightmare to clean.

Furthermore, there can be issues with bugs in this litter.  This not only includes opening the bag to see dead bugs in it but also bugs from around your house or apartment being attracted to the scent of the wheat.  However, the fact that the litter can simply be flushed down the toilet is nice but we encourage you to dispose of it in the trash when possible.

Value – 3 star

This product is seen online typically in the budget to mid-price locations.  This isn’t too bad for an all-natural cat litter product.

Overall Rating – 2 star

The Swheat Scoop Original Cat Litter Review earns 2 cats out of 5.  The utilization of wheat misses the mark on this litter.  The clumps struggle, the cat smells easily get out of control, and it is quite dusty with the difficult cleanup.  And the paste that can form if you don’t remove moisture quick enough is a major headache.  Thankfully it is pretty affordable but even then we can’t recommend it. tests and analyzes every major cat litter brand and various cat litter accessories to determine what the best product is that meets your needs.  When readers choose to buy our independently reviewed choices, we may earn affiliate commissions that help to support our writers and site maintenenance.