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World's Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter Review

Clumping Ability
Overall Rating

World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter Review

7, 8, 14, 15, and 28-pound bags

Wood grains, corn kernel, and lavender oil composition



Some of the best clumping out there

Great litter scent

Easily masks cat odors

Easy cleanup


Corn has some tracking issues

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World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 10, 2020

Advertised Product Description

This is our World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter Review.  World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping cat litter promises the same great performance of their multi-cat offering but with the inclusion of a refreshing and appealing lavender scent.

This is accomplished through the use of 100% all-natural scented lavender oil.  This, along with the wood grains and corn kernels results in a product that has great odor control, effective clumping, and is light on dust all the while being flushable and environmentally friendly.  This product is available in 7, 8, 14, 15, and 28-pound bags.

Who This Cat Litter is Intended For

This product is designed for owners who enjoy the long-term effectiveness of clumping but don’t want to go with clay or crystal-based litter.  This could be because they want to go with a more natural approach or perhaps that they and/or their cat struggle dealing with the clay dust and artificial fragrances often used.  This product is also targeted for busier, multi-cat households as well.  Finally, people looking to purchase this product will need to be somewhat flexible with their spending but can still fit it in o a reasonable pet budget.

What Makes This Cat Litter Unique

This cat litter is unique because it combines wood grains, lavender oil, and corn kernels all in one.  The wood and corn being mixed are interesting enough, but deciding to go with a lavender scent over the many more generic scents on the market is interesting.  Even with this, the manufacturer firmly believes that it will meet up to the expectations that people have in regards to clumping ability, odor control, etc.

Clumping Ability – 5 star

Similar to the standard multi-cat product, this product also clumps quite well.  The clumps should stay hard plenty long for you to properly dispose of them and they can also handle the turmoil that exists in a busy litter box with cats constantly moving litter around.  The absorbency of the wood and corn is also noticed as there is little concern about liquids pooling.  This helps to avoid the nasty goo that can sometimes form when litter becomes overwhelmed with moisture.

Scent – 4.5 star

Overall the inclusion of the lavender scent is enjoyed by both cats and owners alike.  This is refreshing as the non-scented product has had complaints of starting to smell foul after a significant amount of fluid has been exposed to it.  This lavender here helps to cover that up plus cover up the general cat waste smells.  The good clumps mentioned above also help to stop the cat waste and ammonia smells from rearing their ugly head.

Messiness – 4 star

The corn is quite light and can be tracked somewhat easily out of the box.  There is dust present but it is nothing major.  Clumps are easily disposed of and should rarely fall apart and make a mess.

Value – 3 star

Online prices for this product typically fall in the mid-priced range.  This is not that bad when you consider the unique formula and materials that are used here.

Overall Rating – 4 star

The World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter Review earns 4 out of 5 cats.  A great clumping product that fights odors off with ease by the usage of corn and wood fibers coupled with the addition of lavender oil.  Cleanup is not a major issue due to the strong clumps and good moisture absorption and the price is reasonable enough to warrant a buy.  This is a good choice if you have just one cat or multiple cats. tests and analyzes every major cat litter brand and various cat litter accessories to determine what the best product is that meets your needs.  When readers choose to buy our independently reviewed choices, we may earn affiliate commissions that help to support our writers and site maintenenance.